What Makes A Space Architectural

What Makes A Space Architectural
Architecture is a language. Buildings are its sentences. —Glenn Murcutt

There are all kinds of places—a simple shelter, a blue painted shop with nothing but a table, a 2 bed room house with some decor, a cafe splattered with use-and-throw materials, an office space with unlimited partitions, and what not.

But architecture isn't just any space. Because all architecture is space, but not all space is architecture

Architecture is the art of creating spaces that feel right.

When you walk into a well-designed room, you just know it. It feels balanced, beautiful, inspiring, comfortable and most importantly, a place you want to make your own.

Each element relates to the other. It all comes together. ©Véronique Cotrel agency

This isn't an accident—it's the result of careful planning and consideration. Every aspect of the space, from the height of the ceiling to the placement of the furniture, all of it is designed to create a specific effect.

A good space is like a good story. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

The beginning should pique the user's curiosity and excitement, while the middle is filled with interesting details and features. Finally, the end should provide a sense of completion and harmony, leaving the user with a feeling of satisfaction and closure.

The character of a building is like the character of a man, and reveals itself by details. —Horace Walpole

Architecture is a form of storytelling because it communicates the purpose, values, and history of a place or people.

Let's use this image below as an example to explain how:

The large windows serve a dual purpose. They open up the space by allowing natural light to flood in, creating a feeling of airiness and spaciousness. And they offer a connection to the bustling Parisian life outside. This exposure to the exterior world can be a welcome escape, reminding one to step away from the confines of the apartment from time to time.

The high ceilings and ornate moldings reflect a focus on beauty and craftsmanship, values that were highly prized during certain periods in Parisian architecture.

Every element in the apartment, from the arched windows and moldings to the artwork, wooden flooring, wrought-iron railings, and even the white color palette, contributes to the rich historical narrative. These features are all hallmarks of Parisian architecture, transporting us back in time.

Not to forget, architecture is also a representation of people.

So, in the case of Paris, here are some things it can tell you about its people:

Words used to describe Parisian architecture include: beautiful, charming, romantic, detailed, timeless, classical, grand, sophisticated, and long-lasting, among others.

And since these words describe the architecture, they also say a lot about the people living there. It shows that they have an eye for detail and beauty, they focus on building things that last, they believe in creating an experience rather than a commodity, and also their creativity and vision shine through in their built environment.

Now, there are a lot of misconceptions and ideas about what architecture is. While of course, there's no 'one' definition to explain it completely, it's important to seek out what it is at its core.

More than anything else, it's a story that makes life more beautiful.

Paris is a museum in itself, and the streets are its galleries. —Victor Hugo