Architecture as a Conversation Between Man and Material.

Architecture as a Conversation Between Man and Material.
Louis Kahn's conversation with the brick.

Architecture is more than just design. It's about the relationship between the architect, materials, and the space itself. Each element has its own language, and as an architect, it's important to listen and understand.

This allows us to create a space that comes alive and deeply resonates with people. The building goes beyond being mere bricks and mortar; it becomes a place of meaning and significance.

Architects, remember not to impose your will on the space you're creating. Instead, have a conversation with it. Listen to what it has to say and ask it questions. Let the space guide you and be open to its possibilities. It's not about control; it's about collaboration. The space is your partner, not your puppet. Together, you can create something truly magnificent.

In practice, having a conversation with the space means taking a thoughtful and intuitive approach to design. It means looking at the space as a whole and not getting too caught up in individual details. It means being receptive to new ideas and allowing the space to communicate with you.

It means embracing experimentation and being willing to try something different. Most importantly, it means being open-minded and allowing the space to surprise you, even if it challenges your preconceptions.

Louis in his studio.